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Camshaft Accessories (Lubricants, Dist. Gears, Etc)

Break-In Lubricants

Lunati offers the right lubricant products to protect your new parts. Don't take chances... Lunati designed and developed the parts so we know what it takes to protect them.

Bronze Distributor Gears

Lunati distributor gears are manufactured from bronze alloy material (Ampco 45) to exacting tolerances for a perfect mesh with your cam gear.

Everwearâ„¢ Distributor Gears

Lunati now offers the Everwear distributor gears for most popular applications. The Everwear distributor gears were developed with a new material that has excellent wear characteristics and uses a special nitride process to case harden the gear. The camshaft industry uses primarily 1050, 5150, 5160, 8620 and 8660 materials for most steel cam cores. Now with Everwear distributor gear there are no longer any issues with compatibility of material as the Everwear distributor gears are compatible with all of these materials.

Rollerized Cam Thrust Button

The rollerized cam thrust button serves the same purpose as the aluminum cam thrust button but with the additional benefit of the reduced friction provided by the rollerized design.

Aluminum Cam Thrust Button

Roller tappet cams don't have the taper ground lobes that flat tappet cams use to provide locating thrust. Lunati's thrust button should be used with all roller cams to prevent cam walk.

Cam Bolt Locking Plate

The cam lock plate and bolt kit prevents the damage that loose cam bolts can cause.