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Timing Sets

Full Roller Billet Steel Timing Sets

Lunati now offers a fully rollerized timing chain with a steel billet double roller cam gear. Each set is available with a three keyway gear and they are available for small and big block Chevrolet, early and late model Ford as well as 351C, 351-400M engines.

Full Roller Timing Sets

Now timing can be adjusted with greater accuracy than ever before using the Lunati 3 or 9 keyway roller timing set. The 3 keyway timing sets can be adjusted 4 degrees advanced or 4 degrees retarded. The 9 keyway set has a unique crankshaft gear, forged from chromoly steel, has 9 slots machined into the center hole, allowing advance or retard of 2, 4, 6, or 8 degrees. The 9th slot allows timing to be set straight-up. The timing chain is highly accurate full roller.

Full Roller Timing Sets w/Torrington Bearing

Many applications require a fully rollerized timing chain with a Torrington bearing to prevent wear on the face of the block. Lunati offers timing sets with bearings with a choice of standard double roller cam gears or billet steel double roller cam gears. Each set is availble for small or big block Chevrolet with either a 3 or 9 slot keyway.

Gear Drives

Nothing beats the precision of a well made gear drive. We are pleased to offer what we consider to be the finest gear drives on the market today. The Lunati gear drive is a dual idler drive, fully rollerized using high quality bearings throughout. The cam gear uses a bronze wear plate and is predrilled for an offset timing bushing, which is included with the set. A rollerized cam button is also included for use with a roller camshaft. The gear drive is easily installed and will fit under a stock front cover.

Plus Roller Timing Sets

The Lunati timing sets off adjustability at an affortable price. The plus roller is available in single and three keyway versions. The 3 keyway timing sets can be adjusted 4 degrees advanced or 4 degrees retarded. This allows the engine builder opportunity to fine tune their combination to the optimum cam timing.