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Performance Replacement Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

Intended to be a replacement for stock hydraulic lifters, the Lunati Performance Replacement hydraulic Lifters provide better performance and durability for mild racing and street applications. Reduced weight allows the check valve disc to close quicker, which results in faster pressure buildup. This pressure increases the stiffness of the lifter and allows the engine to rev higher before valve float occurs. The Performance Replacement Hydraulic Lifters have a longer piston than other competition and stock lifters. This feature provides a larger surface area to distribute the load and increases longevity. Oiling is better controlled through constant contact between the metering valve and pushrod seat, which also prevents the lifters from being over-oiled at high speeds.

Micro-Trol Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

Lunati's Micro-Trol lifters are designed for performance applications where precise oil control is an absolute necessity. The precise oil control allows higher rpm potential. To obtain maximum performance from this lifter, the plunger is held in place by a full contact snap ring, specially designed to be an integral part of the lifter assembly...unlike wire clip locking rings that come apart at high RPM, destroying the lifter.

Race Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

All of the components of the Lunati Hydraulic Race Lifters are held to higher tolerances for superior performance. The plunger has a much tighter fit to the body, which reduces the amount of leaked pressure, keeping the lifter stiffer and more responsive. The one-piece pushrod seat is heat treated, which prevents the seat from damage and is equipped with a heavy duty snap ring to reduce wear and increase durability. The Hydraulic Race Lifters have a pre-load that can be set to .000"-.030" and are the best option for racers looking to go beyond a stock replacement lifter.

HVL Vacuum Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

Provide improved low-end torque, engine vacuum and idle quality. Typical vacuum increases between 3-5 inches at idle when paired with larger cam. Fully adjustable up to .030" lash. Best suited for racing classes that have vacuum rules and require adjustable valve trains.

Solid/Mechanical Flat Tappet Lifters

Lunati Solid/Mechanical Lifters are designed to meter the exact amount of oil for optimum performance while maintaining the precise lash needed to allow the camshaft to perform at its best. Available in three versions: standard, micropolished, and micropolished with center oiling.

OEM Replacement Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Performance replacements for stock hydraulic roller lifters, the Lunati OEM Replacement Hydraulic Roller Lifters are designed to exceed the specifications of all OEM lifters, making them the perfect replacement for stock lifters.

OEM Hydraulic Roller Installation Kits

These kits come with all the components needed to help install hydraulic roller lifters into a block equipped with a hydraulic roller cam.

Street Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Drop-in, retro-fit hydraulic roller lifters are ready for installation with no modifications or break-in required. Captured link bar system ensures precise lifter movement, increasing accuracy and performance. Manufactured for reliability and durability for engines with a maximum operating range of 6200-6500 RPM.

High RPM Hydraulic Roller Lifters

High RPM Hydraulic Roller Lifters are designed for extreme street and all out racing applications. At over 6500 RPM, the hydraulic internals of a standard roller lifter are susceptible to valve float, which robs the engine of horsepower and can cause serious damage to the valvetrain. Offering increased durability and reliability, these lifters are specifically developed to handle applications producing over that volatile 6500 RPM point.

Signature Series Hydraulic Roller Lifters

The Signature Series Hydraulic Roller Lifters were specifically designed to eliminate valve float by performing similarly to solid roller lifters while still providing the long, maintenance free life of a hydraulic roller lifter. These lifters are best suited for extreme racing conditions that require the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Horizontal Bar (Pop-Up) Solid Roller Lifters

Lunati pop-up design roller lifters are ideal for applications that need a quick cam change, whether it be during dyno testing or racing. The unique spring-loaded horizontal bar design reduces valvetrain weight by removing material without decreasing strength or reliability. Each pair of pop-up lifters weighs in at under 200 grams.

Vertical Bar Solid Roller Lifters

Lunati Solid Vertical Bar Roller Lifters are manufactured from premium materials and machined to exacting tolerances. A heat treatment process further increases strength and durability. The Vertical Bar Lifters feature maximized lifter bore contact, providing more surface area and resulting in less wear. In addition, material is removed from non-critical areas to produce a strong, lightweight lifter that is a reliable choice for racing and street machines alike.

Vertical Bar Pressurized Oiling Solid Roller Lifters

Developed for serious racing applications, the pressurized oiling system of these lifters provides constant lubrication through the axle and to the needles. This reduces wear in the axle and increases the durability of the lifter. Also for increased durability, all surfaces are hardened and polished, which makes the body stronger and smoother while reducing friction. These lifters are available in standard height and +.300" height with centered and +.180" offset versions. The solid vertical bar roller lifters with pressurized oiling are held to higher standards than the competition for the ultimate in race lifters.