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Rocker Arms

Steel Non-Roller Rocker Arms

Made from a top quality steel alloy, these rocker arms are stamped and heat treated to prevent flexing and distortion. These rocker arms are excellent for stock engine rebuilds and mild performance engines. They feature a long slot to handle higher than stock lift and some applications are also available with a nitride heat treatment to increase strength and durability. Lunati Steel Non-Roller Rocker Arms are popular in oval track racing where rules require stock appearing rocker arms. All kits come with adjusting nuts and pivot balls where required.

Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms

Engineered from a superior-strength steel alloy, the steel roller tip rocker arms have a stiff design and more effective ratio that work together to maximize valve lift. The roller tip reduces friction, providing more power and a longer lifespan for the ultimate in street performance rocker arms.

GM LS Retro-Fit Rocker Arms

Lunati has taken an OEM cast steel replacement rocker arm body and added a captured roller trunnion for use in extreme street and race applications. The captured roller trunnion increases stiffness and durability and is NASCAR proven.

Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

Introducing the new and improved Lunati Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms. The product of extensive testing, these CAD designed and FEA optimized rockers were engineered specifically for high performance street engines. Constructed from extruded aircraft quality aluminum and CNC machined to precise tolerances, the superfinished surface increases durability and sheds oil. They are lightweight yet strong enough to handle aggressive spring pressures and higher lift cams while featuring optimized balance of strength and reduced moment of inertia. The clipped trunnion is secured to ensure positive side-to-side location and the precision sorted needle bearings allow the rocker to withstand higher valve spring pressure. Finally, these rocker arms are clearanced for higher lift springs and camshafts.