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Bracket Masterâ„¢ II Pushrods

When building an engine, one of the most overlooked areas is the pushrods and rocker arms. Similar to a lifter that develops a wear pattern to the camshaft, the pushrod develops a wear pattern in the pushrod seat. If you mismatch the balls and seats, premature failure will result. We recommend you replace pushrods and rocker arms when building your engine. The special heat treated balls welded to the ends of the Bracket Master II pushrods make them an ideal replacement piece for your worn stock pushrods.

Performance Replacement Pushrods

Lunati Performance Replacement "LPR" pushrods are made of premium quality 1010 steel, heat treated for extra strength and rigidity where it is needed most - but at a highly affordable price for cost conscious engine builders. Once again, another prime example of the BEST PERFORMANCE VALUE in the business.